This Saturday is Drug Take Back Day!

Watch this quick video from Miss America (and pharmacy student!) Camille Schrier reminding everyone that this Saturday, April 24 is #DEATakeBack!

The DEA is holding its 20th Take Back Day on April 24th for unused prescription medications. In the last 10 years, the DEA has collected over 6,800 tons of prescription medications total during their Take Back Days, with 500 tons turned in during their last Take Back Day in October. These days have become important because since the beginning of Covid, drug overdose deaths have been at an all time high. The majority of these drugs coming from friend’s and family member’s medicine cabinets. These Take Back Days give Americans the opportunity to dispose of unused prescription drugs properly, and hopefully will help stop prescription drug related overdoses. The DEA will accept tablets, capsules, patches or any other solid form of prescription drugs. They also accept vaping devices as long as the lithium batteries have been removed. Other dosage forms of drugs are not accepted.


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